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Using two problems from your catalog, identify for each problem three leverage points that could be applied to effect change in the system and explain what you believe will be the impact of applying the leverage point. Do not use your final project problem for this task.

Prompt: Using two problems from your catalog, identify for each problem three leverage points that could be applied to effect change in the system and explain what you believe will be the impact of applying the leverage point.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

 Identify recommended interventions. Specifically, identify leverage points that can be used to modify the system, explain how they would be applied to the system, and describe the possible impacts of each. 

 Evaluate the likely effects of your recommended interventions using specific evidence that supports your interpretation. To what extent might there be unintended consequences and how might they be mitigated? 

 Defend your use of the scientific method in arriving at and validating your recommended interventions. In what ways did you apply the scientific method to test your recommended interventions? Cite specific evidence to support your claims.

Guidelines for Submission: Your paper should be submitted as a 2 page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. If sources are used, they should be cited using APA style.

Running head: PROBLEM CATALOG 1


Problem Catalog

Problem 1

Many businesses have been significantly impacted due to the economic slowdown in America.

System elements: Covid-19 pandemic, inadequate knowledge about the Covid-19 situation

Issues: Closure of business entities leading to increased unemployment rate and inadequate attainment of government taxes

Questions/ concerns: Will the pandemic ever end? Will they find a cure for the virus? Does the vaccine really work?

Problem 2

In America the healthcare system is very expensive

System element: Expensive insurance, expensive prescription drugs, Hospitals, doctors, and nurses all charge more in the United States than in other countries

Issues: Healthcare facilities focus more on a business perspective rather than the wellbeing of the patient. Insurance companies charge a lot for their covers (“Why is health care so expensive in the United States?,” 2016).

Questions/ concerns: How can U.S offer affordable health care to the citizens? How can policies be reformed to lower health care cost?

Problem 3

Racial discrimination is still practiced in the American society today.

Systems elements: Bullying, racial violence, sexual harassment, victim injuries and deaths.

Issues: Racial inequality is still portrayed in various levels of the society such as school, churches and workplaces (January-Bardill, 2017).

Questions/concerns: Do the anti-racial and discrimination policies influence racial equality? How can racial discrimination be addressed?

Problem 4

The climate is changing due to pollution and leading to global warming.

System elements: Air pollution, soil pollution, gas emission, deforestation, water pollution and waste disposal.

Issues: Industrial organizations do not follow and adhere to environmental policies on sustainability.

Questions/concerns: How can organizations dispose their waste more effectively? How can the government ensure that environmental policies are adhered to?

Problem 5

The social life has changed due to Covid-19.

System elements: Occurrence of the pandemic, social distancing, isolation, quarantine, limitation of public gatherings, country lockdowns and curfews.

Issues: People are not able to interact as before hence disturbing their social life as well as mental health.

Questions/concerns: When will social life go back to normal? How exactly can the social life be resumed without the fear of contracting the disease?

Problem 6

Gender inequality in the work place and society especially in women

System elements: Inequality policies, sexual harassments, unequal pay among men and women, discrimination on job opportunities.

Issues: The society tends to view women as inferiors to men and often relates them to home chores. If a man does house chores he is viewed as not being masculine (Adichie, 2015).

Questions/concerns: Why are women still not viewed as equals? How can the pay gap between men and women be reduced?

Problem 7

In America, the rate of child abuse has significantly increased.

System elements: Foster parents, substance use by parents, domestic violence, and bullying.

Issues: Child abuse has contributed to poor academic performance.

Questions/concerns: How can child abuse affect the mental functioning of the child? How can the local or federal government ensure that the cases of child abuse are reduced?

Problem 8

The rate of unemployment in the U.S has significantly increased leading to illegal activities.

System elements: Economic slowdown, retrenchment, unqualified citizens, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Issues: Unemployment tends to lead in a decline in the economy

Questions/concerns: How will more citizens be motivated to get an education and be qualified? How is employment rate linked to increased criminal activities?

Problem 9

Increased poor performance at the workplace

System elements: Lack of motivation, improper training, ineffective employee recognition, poor communication

Issues: Issues at the workplace tend to lead to poor performance of the employees

Questions/concerns: How can employees be motivated to perform better? How often should training be held in an organization? How can organizations show value to their employees?

Problem 10

Technology advancement threatens employee privacy

System elements: Online monitoring, hackers, and cameras

Issues: Organizations are forced to advance their technology ability to maintain both the privacy of the organizations and that of the employees.

Questions/concerns: Does the advancement of technology positively impact an organization? How secure is the personal information of the employees?


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