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200 word response 2 references


The first article I read about successful teaching strategies used for English Language Learner students mentions building a successful relationship with the student, ‘No surprise here. A successful classroom, our educators agreed, is one in which students feel known, appreciated, and comfortable taking emotional and intellectual risks.’ (Kaplan, 2019, para 4). We have learned a lot about the importance of relationship building with all of our students throughout this class so I wasn’t surprised to see it mentioned again in the context of teaching ELL students. One of the teachers in the article mentions that she makes it a point to think about how her classroom feels to the student whose first language is not English. Making it a point to sit them next to a student whom he/she is comfortable tapping on the shoulder and asking questions of is really important. Other teachers talk about home visits and how important they are in order to understand the student’s cultural background and feel more connected to them. Giving students a variety of ways to demonstrate mastery of learning objectives may also give ELL students a chance to work through the language barrier. ‘Colorin Colorado’ is a bilingual site for educators and families of ELL students. In this site there are numerous suggestions to help students feel comfortable in their new classrooms. Many suggestions include making the student’s experiences part of the learning process for the other students in the classroom. Language-rich classroom environments are also an integral part of the classroom environment for ESL students. (Robertson, 2014,). Digital recommendations include: Flipgrids to pose questions to the group and allow them to send video answers, creating a teaching channel to help collaborate with other educators, and using Wikispaces to allow sharing of resources. (Robertson, 2014). 

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