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Watch the movie Citizen X

The objective of the assignment is to watch the movie and then apply various concepts that we have discussed throughout class during the semester. The paper must be a minimum of 1,600 words. While these papers must have a scholarly tone (e.g. using appropriate grammar and a college-level vocabulary, not using contractions or the first-person), they will consist mainly of your own original ideas and thoughts. You might also decide to describe, in detail, whether or not the serial murderers exhibit certain paraphilia. Is the film fictional or is it based on actual characters? If it is based on actual characters, is it an accurate portrayal, in your opinion? You may discuss any aspect of the film. I will allow you to quote the movie if you feel that it illustrates an important point. However, a quote can be no more than 100 words. In addition, you may only quote your film a maximum of three times. No exceptions.

Some concepts about serial killers.

· Research and theories that are relevant to understanding of serial murder.

· Gain in-depth knowledge of issues related to serial murder.

· Signature, Modus Operandi, and Paraphilia

· Be able to understand and define the key terms needed for our understanding of serial murder, i.e., the murderese.

· Differentiate between serial murder, mass murder and spree murder. Cite real-life examples of each.

· Be able to identify the various motivations of serial murderers.

· Be able to point out the differences between organized and disorganized serial murderers.

· Be able to understand and apply important concepts related to law enforcement response to serial murder

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