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Please use the video sent 

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Prepare one page observation of these postures effects for you.

Watch, listen, observe the technical direction when you watch it the first time…
The 2nd and 3rd time you watch then slowly start to practice, integrate what you are learning
nice and easy….. ALWAYS being mindful of your breathing and being honest with your body and
range of motion….

there is nothing to prove and no pursuit of perfection in the stretches….
NOR do you need to look EXACTLY like me….or how I’m doing the postures….
just do your best and accept what you’re body LETS you do!

This is a VERY GROUNDING AND HEALING PRACTICE…. please work with this very
grounding poses as many times a week as you need them….

All of these lessons work well to do in the morning when you wake up…. or at the end of your
day….. you can even use the yoga practice to cool down the body after a workout…. and/or also
approach the practice as a way to specifically work on training your body to breath more deeply,
fully and slowly into the diaphragm…. THAT is such an important factor in overall health and
general immune response…
Diaphragmatic breathing.

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