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i have 3 labs to be done need help with it


LAB Assignment #5 – Using MS Powerpoint


For this assignment, you will
create your own
Powerpoint presentation using some of the features covered in Week 9. Specific instructions are as follows:

1. Pick your favourite movie or book.

2. Create a NEW Powerpoint presentation that provides a summary (
in your own words
!) about the movie/book. Specific content for each slide is up to you. Do not simply cut and paste from the Internet!! If you DO use content from the internet, it MUST be properly cited (APA).

3. Your presentation should be at least 5 slides long and must include a Title Slide (this means 4 slides of
– a “Thank you” slide does not count!)

4. Your presentation must be well organized and easy to read – remember to use bullets (NOT paragraphs) and remember the 5-5-5 rule!!

5. Your presentation must include at least one
feature and one

6. Your presentation must include a background design.

7. Your presentation must include at least one visual image (photo, picture, chart, graph, etc)

8. Submit your final presentation to the Drop Box by the due date as shown in MyCanvas



LAB Assignment #4 – Writing Business Emails


The purpose of this LAB Activity is to practice re-writing professional business emails AND using persuasive writing techniques.

The Scenario:

Mr. Martin is an employee of Staples Business Depot who wishes to receive tuition reimbursement for university courses. He has written an email to Maria Johnson, who is the Human Resources Manager for his store, asking about the possibility of getting the tuition reimbursement. A copy of his email can be found below in the section called “Email to be Re-Written”

Your job is to re-write Mr. Martin’s email in a style that, in your opinion, will give him a better chance to receive a favourable response from the Human Resources Department. Remember to present as many facts as you can to support Mr. Martin’s case, in a logical sequence, and do not include any information that is not relevant to Mr. Martin’s goal. Think about the prewriting stage before writing either message…what is my purpose? How am I expecting the audience to react?


1. Use the MS Word “Lab 4 Email Template” provided and re-write Mr. Martin’s email.

2. The “To” line should include Maria Johnson’s email address.

3. The “Subject” line should succinctly describe the topic/purpose of the email

4. Your email should follow the Writing Pyramid for Persuasive Messaging and contain at least 2 paragraphs.

5. Your email should include an appropriate greeting and closing.

6. Your completed “Lab 4 Email Template” must be 1-page max, single spaced and use Times New Roman 12 pt font

7. Submit your completed “Lab 4 Email Template” to the Drop Box by the due date

Email To Be Re-Written

To: [email protected]

Subject: Why Can’t I Get My Tuition Reimbursed

Mark Hollett and I, along with other employees of staples business depot, have been eager to return to university but we can’t afford the costs of tuition and books. Many of us were forced to go to work before we could complete our university degrees. We know that the continuing education department of some universities provide good courses that we could take at night. Mark and I-and we think many other employees as well—would like to enroll in these courses. So, why doesn’t Staples Business Depot offer tuition reimbursement to its employees? We’ve heard about other companies such as Business Market that offer reimbursement for fees and books when employees complete approved courses with a C+ grade or higher. Mark and I have collected information, including newspaper clippings that we’re enclosing. Surveys show that tuition-reimbursement programs help improve employee morale and loyalty. They also result in higher productivity because employees develop improved skills.

Bob Martin


Lab 4 Email Template





LAB Assignment #3 – Revised Biography Letter


For this assignment, you will use the “track changes” feature in MS Word to revise your Lab 1 Biography Letter:

1) Open your Lab 1 Biography letter in MS Word

2) Click on the Review tab at the top

3) Turn on “Track Change” by clicking on the button and use the top dropdown list to the right of the button to ensure the “All Markup” feature is selected.

4) Revise your Lab 1 Biography Letter by formatting it as a formal business letter. You will use what you learned in Weeks 5 and 6 to help you. Specifically, your letter should:

· Be structured according to the Writing Pyramid

· Be formatted as a FORMAL BUSINESS LETTER – see the main eText Section 4.2 (Note: parts 12 – 15 of the sample letter are not required)

· Include corrections or suggestions for improvement that you received in your Lab 1 feedback

5) Submit the letter to the Drop Box with TRACKED CHANGES SHOWING by the due date as outlined on MyCanvas


This assignment will be graded as “Complete” or “Incomplete.

A mark of “Complete” equals 8 points and will show in MyCanvas as a checkmark.

A mark of “Incomplete” equals 0 points and will show in MyCanvas as an “X”.


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