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HIST 2010 United States

History I Research & Writing

Activity # 3


Students are to view the History Channel video “Abraham Lincoln Biography” and write an

informal reflective/reaction paper of a minimum of 1250 words. There is no charge to view the video.

Simply paste the web address (url) below into your web browser. A high-speed broadband internet

connection is best. Students may use any MSCC computer approved for student use.

Student’s paper should contain:

1. a succinct summary of the salient information presented in the video program (50% of grade)
2. the student’s personal reaction (reflection) to the information presented in the program (50% of


Paper must be typed in 12 point font, single-spaced, with student name on the first page and each page

numbered consecutively. Paper should be written in a Microsoft Word compatible word processing

program or converted into a PDF or RTF file. Paper must be uploaded to the designated D2L dropbox

by the designated due date. Points will be deducted for spelling and grammatical errors. Proper use of

paragraphs is required, Papers written as one or two long paragraphs will not be read and will

receive a grade of zero. Formal citation and a reference page are not needed because you should only

be summarizing and critiquing the documentary.

PLAGIARISM: The student’s submission will be automatically screened by the Turn It In plagiarism


service subscribed to by the college. If plagiarism is found, the student will receive a grade of zero

for the assignment with no opportunity for re-submission. The professor also reserves the right to

assign a grade of “F” for the entire course if plagiarism is detected.

Student should consult the Syllabus or Course Calendar for the prescribed due date. Late

submissions are accepted but are first graded and the reduced by 10 points for each day late.

RWA # 3: “Abraham Lincoln Biography” (129 minutes, 19 seconds)

Video summary: A biography of America’s sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln explores his life

from birth through his years as Civil War President.

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