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Community Based Program Proposal Assignment

Worth 30%



Proposal Outline

The following are headings that MUST be utilized within your proposal assignment:

· Executive Summary– This should be completed last. This is an overview of your entire proposal and why you are choosing to propose this particular program.

· Company Overview – Who are you (your company), what is unique about you, what are you trying to accomplish, what is your idea/strategy.

· Industry Analysis – who is your market, what is the relevant market size, who are your consumers, what are the consumer needs, who are your direct competitors, what is the difference between you and them (your advantage over the competition)?

· Marketing Plan – What are your products and services, Pricing, Promotion, Distribution Plans

· Operations Plan – key operational process, important milestones

· Management – management team members, board of directors, staffing…what is their main functions for the position

· Financial Plan – Revenue Model, Financial Highlights, Funding Requirements/Use of Funds, Exit Strategy.

· Appendix – any supporting documents

· References – APA Formatting required


Distribution of marks

Information is provided and delivered well

Moderate information

Requires more Information

Your grade

Executive Summary

· A clear concise executive explanation of your proposal and purpose

· Captures the attention of the reader

· Provides a concise snapshot of the overall proposal

· Provides 1 reference and research that supports the proposal need

· Well Organized


· Moderate information provided

· Information requires expanding

· 2 references provided

· Needs expanding or further information

· Captures the attention of the reader, but has questions

· (10-14 marks)

· Poorly organized

· Does not capture the reader’s attention

· 0-1 references available

· Difficulty understanding the proposal and/or needs

· Minimal/Vague information provided

· (0-9 Marks)


Company Overview

· A thorough introduction to You/Your Company and your proposal

· Your (companies) mission statement

· A concise explanation of your interest in the population and programming you are interested in doing

· A snapshot of the breakdown of your proposal

· Defined Goals

· (7-10 Marks)

· General introduction to you/your company

· Mission statement is general and needs refining

· An explanation of population and programming

· General description of proposal, breakdown unclear/reader has questions

· Goals are general in nature

· (4-6 Marks)

· Poor or no description of you/your company

· Little to no background information about your purpose of the proposal

· Vague information on the population and programming

· Little to no description of your mission statement

· Vague breakdown of proposal and goals

· (0-3 Marks)


Industry Analysis

· Addresses your market

· Address your market size with references

· Demographics and consumer needs are clearly identified

· References to back your analysis

· Clearly address your competitors market

· Identifies 2 or more competitors

· (10-14 Marks)

· Lacks specific information on your market

· Lacks information for Market size

· General information on demographics and consumer needs

· References are general in nature

· Minimal discussion regarding your competitors market

· Identifies 1 competitor

· (5-9 Marks)


· Did not address your competitors market

· Not suitable or no references

· Limited or no reference to demographics

· No reference to your market

· No reference to your market size

· Does not identify any competitors

· (0-4 Marks)


Marketing Plan

· Clearly identify a concise marketing plan that outlines steps for marketing

· Provides a cost for marketing strategies throughout the year

· Identify which population and demographics you are marketing to

· Identify 2 detailed strategies for marketing

· A detailed promotions plan

· A detailed distribution plan outlined

· (8-12 Marks)

· A general market plan has been provided but more details are required

· General explanation of population being marketed to

· Identify 1 detailed strategy for marketing

· A general promotion plan provided

· A general distribution plan outlined

· (4-7 Marks)

· Market plan is not clear or does not flow

· No identification of your population to market to

· Limited or no information on your detailed strategy for marketing

· Limited or no description provided for promotion of product

· Limited or no description

· (0-3 Marks)


Operations Plan

· Well organized and concise operation plan

· Identify key operational process in detail

· Identifies 3 important milestones and goals

· Provide 3 potential outcome of operations

· The reader gets a good sense of how daily operations work given the plan

· (10-15 Marks)

· Missing key operational process details

· Limited goals and milestones outlined

· Provide 1-2 potential outcomes of operation

· The reader has a generally understanding of the operations plan

· (5-9 Marks)

· Little to No information on operational process details

· 0-1 goal and milestone outlined

· No discussion regarding potential outcome of operation

· There are questions formed about the operations plan that require answers

· (0-4 Marks)



· Identify the hierarchal positions of your Company

· Outline the responsibility of each position, salary and duties

· Provide a flow chart/diagram of your Managerial team from Board of Directors to Consumer

· Salaries are provided

· Positions in the company are not clearly outlined and identified

· Responsibilities are vague and general and require detail

· The section requires better organization

· Difficulty reading flow chart of Managerial Team

· (10-18 Marks)

· Disorganized flow chart (Not understandable)

· Overlapping responsibilities that are not clearly outlined

· Vague definitions of positions and responsibilities of Managerial Team

· (0-9 Marks)


Financial Plan

· A concise breakdown of funds to run specific programming

· Categorized and Organized

· Shows budget strategies

· Identify 3 funders and donors including funding application

· Provide targeted outcome for the fiscal year

· (10-15 Marks)

· Missing sections for funding breakdown

· Vague budget strategy

· Needs further organizing

· Target needs attention for specific outcomes

· Applications are incomplete

· (6-9 Marks)

· Does not contain a concise breakdown of funds

· Limited to no budget strategy outlined

· No applications submitted for funding

· Poor to no target outcome for the fiscal year.

· No funders identified

· (0-5 Marks)



· 3+ supporting documents for your proposal

· Supporting documents show support to the proposal (3)

· (

· 2 supporting documents for your proposal

· Copyright and referencing are done but not organized accordingly

· Supporting documents show general support for the type of proposal

· (4-6 Marks)

· 0-1 supporting documents for your proposal

· Supporting document does not prove to support the proposal

· Use of documentation without references or copyright

· (0-3 Marks)



· Separate Reference pages

· Alphabetical order

· APA formatted accordingly

· In text citation referencing

· Categorized references i.e.) webpage, journal articles


· Some minor errors in APA formatting

· Needs some organization

· Incorrect in text citation(s)

· Not alphabetized accordingly

· Incorrect

· (3-6 Marks)

· Not on Separate Page from the assignment

· Not organized accordingly

· Missing in text citations

· References are not categorized accordingly

· (0-2 Marks)



· Spelling

· Grammar

· Sentence Structure

· Punctuation and spacing

· Up to 4 marks in total can be removed for the errors in the list of deductions



· 60 marks then divide grade by 2 = Grade out of 30


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