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Assignment details attached. 

a 5000-6000-word research paper will be the major assignment for
this class. The paper can be on any topic of your choosing so long as it connects to class
materials and takes a critical media studies approach. The project is divided up into
several stages in order to help ensure that the final product is well-developed and
something you might potentially consider presenting at a conference, attempt to
publish, or propose as a strategic intervention. I fully believe that one of the few
tangible skills that I can help you develop is how to construct a theoretically informed
argument (I cannot make you smarter, but I can help you productively direct the smarts
you already possess). A first draft of your essay is due on November 19 by 11;59 PM.
Detailed instructions will be provided for all phases of the research paper. For each delivery you
will receive feedback from me by the following class date. Critical thinking and argumentation
are processes that develop over time and often through collaboration and revision. The end
result will hopefully be something you are very proud of and can use constructively in your
graduate careers and beyond.

Research Question: How is LeBron James leveraging social capital through his political
influence and popularity on Twitter?

What the professor is looking for in this paper:
Do you have an argument
Are you using evidence to support your claims
Are you using having smart conversation with material

***Analyzing LeBron James’ tweets from May 25, 2020 to July 18, 2020***

Some Topics to cover during the paper:
How is Analyzing lebron james’ tweets (social capital reputation) political and a part of his
What are some other things that contextualize his twitter strategy for the brand during the time
What aspects made lebron relatable on twitter between May 25, 2020 to July 18, 2020?

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